sorry sms

sorry sms
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Sorry SMS or message is a sentence or it is a word that can be built a good relation. Need to apply this word or with a sentence at the right time.

Here are the collections of “sorry sms” to share with or it can help at the time of when you need at your sad time.

Just use these and rebuilt your beautiful relationship as it was. Here all those are in sentence format.

But the word “sorry” has a unique position in its way. It can wipe out all your mistakes and faults if you made it with anyone.

collections of sorry sms with special messages


I know I did a mistake. Take your time and I am here to wait for you forever. I know you will forgive me. Again sorry from my soul.


From the day my heart is crying for you. Please forgive me. Waiting for your forgiveness.


Mistake and lie is a virus that makes a relationship in a hanging mode. The virus cleaner for this is sorry with the deep heart.


Only sorry cannot wipe out the virus mistake. Also, need forgiveness to wipe out clearly.


Keeping angry on me is a small virus that is being started covering our relationship. Forgive me and keep away that virus out as soon as possible. Sorry and waiting for your next lovely SMS or call.


My heart gets a deep bruise for your angry on me. Also, my soul is in deep sadness. I apologize for my mistake and a big sorry from me. Forgive me, please.


I am so afraid of your angry on me. Forgive me and will make our relationship as it was back in the old days.

so sorry


I always believe in love and also on sorry. Both are two branches of a good relationship. Without one the best relation cannot be made. Keep saying sorry and make your relation most beautiful forever.


In my happiness, I forget your happiness and that made a sad angry in our relation. Sorry and forgive me.


I cannot make you lose me for my silly mistake. Forgive me and a huge sorry for all my mistakes done and that causes you a deep hurt for you.


For my fault, all our smiles laugh got punish. I promise it will not happen in future. I am sorry, come back soon in my life.


Whatever mistakes we both done that does not matter, to rebuilt our relation like strong as it was back that need a sorry.


In our relationship who makes the mistake that done not matters to me. There is always a sorry from my side. Because I always need to be strong in our relationship.


Regret and sadness have been stolen all our happiness. Forget all those mistakes has been done just need to say sorry and start again our old ride.


In your angriness, I know they’re also a lot of love filled with. Forget all those and a huge sorry from me.

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