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Here you are going to get the best collections of sad Whatsapp status to use as your Whatsapp, Facebook, and other social media status. Sadness is a part of life. It enters at that time when you do not want it. It can get from our friends, family, and from that person to whom you love the most. At the time of sadness, you act like a different person feels alone. You want to share it or express it with some text or images or text with an image. According to need here is all in one solution in one place.

As you read above that you can get the sad statuses with text and text with image. The text you are going to get below, that text has an image right to that text also. Use according to your needy. You can use only that text or text with image.

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sad status for Whatsapp, Facebook, and other social media


Give a gem her too or an award, as she plays it great with all heart

sad 1


Every night I deliberately open the door …, the only reason for this is may a robber or thief loot my all sadness…



My heart is empty like a worthless thing without her…



Life was meant only for her … but … she is now selfish

sad facebook status 4


If you will be the death for me, surely you will be mine



Days are going and nights are spending, with the thought of coming days and night will be better

sad whatsapp status 6


People do not look like as they really are from their face



Sea is always silent and enjoying itself, do not be sad to leave and leave like the ocean



Have to write that without you I am happy but, before that tear comes out…

sad facebook status 9


Like time changing you have changed your color for me…



You cannot stay happy by making me sad and you will realize this one day


Remembering the words that you had told me that “I will not leave you at any cost”


How a person can be selfish for some limited happiness?


The hand of you will wipe my tears, with this thought tears coming out



Waiting for the day on which all the problems will be gone…



There is a hidden sadness at the time when someone is saying that “I am fine”



Aim of my life passed away from me but at that time I was busy guiding someone to grow in life

sad status 17


Forgetting my sadness I was busy to make happy others but now I am a stranger for them. This is life


Remembering those old days which was filled with love and only love from others and now all these have been changed


I do not want to broke your heart as you have done with me

sad status 20


How much love I gave, all are now forgotten by and making my wound bigger and bigger

sad status 21


I gave my best without hoping it back to me but now all those things are giving back by pain and only pain

sad status 22


I thought that how anyone can forget someone after doing a lot for him and the reply given by… such… such… such…

sad status 23


Every day I am getting pain and only pain, the most giving is the distance from you

sad status 24


The most pain giving a thing in life is the distance from the loved and dear one from us


Giving love and getting pain for that love, it hurts a lot to everyone

sad status 26


Never hope that will get back the love for giving love always

sad status 27


Getting love from that person to whom we love a lot is the best medicine to wipe out pain

sad status 28


I can drink poison from her hand but the only wish is at the time of falling down I should fall in her arms

sad status 29


Wishing always that, the best sleep I can get in her arms

sad 30


It is not easy to take sleep by giving pain and at the time of getting pain

sad 31


Sorry cannot fill the pain with love at all situation

sad 32


Try your best not to give someone pain

sad 33


The wound of pain will be filled but the mark will be there always

sad status 34


Try your best to make happy to a sad person

sad 35


Love someone without any hope will never be hurt you by that person

sad 36


It is not possible to sleep by forgetting someone into whom you love more


I am always remembering you, even how much pain I am getting from you


There no lawyer in the world that can make victory for me in broken love

sad 39


There is no punishment for the person who broke my heart

sad 40


Do not play with someone’s heart as it gives a lot of pain, and there is no medicine for this pain

sad 41


How much heart is softer but the pain gives by it to other is so harder

sad 42


There is an ointment for a wound but not for a deep pain


The word sorry is not the ointment for a pain

sad 44


Always there is no value of the word sorry in love

sad 45


Do not keep in mind the person who gives you sadness…

sad 46


You cannot happy yourself as you made me sad

sad 47


It is only sad and sorrow in the love city…


I wish that they also come and told me that “I am sad too like you”

sad 49


Love is wonder by nature, otherwise even knowing there is sorrow everyone is entering to that love pond…

sad status 50


It is also a life that “crying alone”

sad status 51

Above are the best collections of sad whatsapp, facebook, and other social media status text and text with images. Choose according to your choice. Also, you can share these images as a post. Any doubt leave a comment below.


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