sad shayari in english

sad shayari in english
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Sad Shayari in English are those Shayari which are needs once in everyone’s life. From these sad love Shayari in English are those helping and need one to keep calm a person himself.

Shayari can be share and written in any language but, here are the collections of one of the languages which are English.

Enjoy these “sad Shayari in English” with yourself or if someone needs this also you can share it to that person.

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Sad Shayari in English for girlfriend, for life, with bewafa, for boyfriend


I wish, how much sad I am, it does not matter but it is always happy and joy for you.


I am sad but you are not carrying this but, when you will be sad I will surely carry.


The air touches your skin will be always cool as it touching you passing by my tears.


You hurt me and forgot me but, you will be there till my last breath in my heart.


Moon and sun are not meeting each other so, how we human could say that all will be always with us in this selfish world.


You will not find a flowering tree in a town, like that you will not find any anger on you from my heart.


You may face a shortage of water in your life but you will not get a shortage of love from me for you.


As shadow always follow you like that the love and blessing will follow with you always even how much pain you will give.


I will be there always with you like your shadows stay with you.


Life is an ocean of sadness and pain. But there is always happy and love from me for you. I will not remind the pain you have gave me before.


I cannot see you in sad so, there is a pray from me to stay you happy.


Life is a cover of sad and sorrow. It becomes more beautiful if someone gives unconditionally love from the heart.


Your unconditional love turns into much more condition and you forget all you told. But I am not selfish there is still love from my heart.


I trust you and also I have trust on death. Without you, I do not want death. Waiting for the one who will come first from these.


Where is love there is also a god? So do not leave our love.


To make love successful need to avoid our surrounds but, you are focusing them more and ignoring our love.


You left me and push me sad of the ocean because of the surrounds. You will feel your guilty one day.


You are with me always like odor with a flower. So do not leave me alone and made me odorless.


You are my heartbeat. Do not leave me and be yourself the reason for my death.


Whatever pain covers me, I will not see you in any pain. My prayers will be always there to be with you.

sad love shayari in english


You are always in my eye and in my heart. I have a wish to take rest with your piece of the soul when death will take me with its cover.


You are in my eye and also in my tears so when tears come out I let it free flow for not to hurt you as you are there.


In this whole world, no one is real and faithful. The person hurts a lot to whom you love the most.


The hurt and sad you give me is as same as I love you. So it hurts a lot like my deep love.


Before giving pain to a person you have to check its density. You gave me with a deep denser hurt.


It hurts so deep if someone who left you and you loves that person so deep.


I can bear all those pain those you have given me but if possible sometime remind about me.


You left me and push me towards the pain and sad room but still, now I am waiting to know the reason why you left me?


Sometimes I feel that you will be back soon in my life but when I open my eye I realize that it was a dream. Please come back to my real life.


I wish you will come back in my life and will give me a deep hug without my known.


Let my tears become out as it is gifted by someone special of my life.


My tears are containing your name so every drop it is floating out making a small ocean by your name.


You can call me mad by my attitude but this one came from someone and it is the symbol of my love.


It is easy to become mad for others in a sad love story.


I always think about you in silent night and I always crying from inside with your memory.

shayari in english


If you have to find me then you can find me by your shadow as I am always there like your shadow.


I always avoid crowded places because of you as whenever I enter inside this you come in my mind.


My heart always says that you can not be happy by making me sad.


Most of my nights going sleepless with your thoughts and remembering those time I spent with you.


I often cry in the rain because no one can feel my tears better than the rain.


Every night I am not able to sleep and nights are spending with sleep and tears and again sleep and tears.


From god I want to know the mistakes, I have done as I love with most but in return, I get only pain.


Always the person gets most of the pain who is always loyal and love from the heart.


You are always in my mind, in my heart, in my thought, and in my soul.


I want to know from you that you are my life or I am your life. Waiting for your reply.


You are trying to giving the most pain but not trying to give a little amount of love.


There were days starting with your smile and now it is starting with your thoughts and the past time spent with you.


You will see drops from my eyes still your comeback to my life again.


I am waiting for not only till my death also after death my soul will wait for you.


Every day my times are going on with the old memories.



Come back to my life you will still get the old love those were before. You have changed not me.

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