Love Shayari in English

love shayari in english
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Shayari is a way to wish and make happy to your loved one. In love, Shayari is a great point to keep away any misunderstanding between a couple. Here are the collections of love Shayari in English. WIsh these love Shayari that are in English to your loved one and make a happy couple between you.

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Here are the best collections of love Shayari in English


I am always missing you

after you are gone a distance from me,

Missing your love, affection, and care,

after you make me alienation for you.


After holding your hand,

I have seen the world in a new way,

but why you left my hand,

 and make me alone today.


I was happy and it became happier

 when you enter into my life,

but why you became so cruel and,

leave me and do not even try to understand me.


Whatever the distance is from you to me,

I always feel that you are with me,

I am always happy and in love at which

the place you are from me.


Without you, I am not feeling that I am alive,

I was never being thought that

 someone will love me and always will with me like a heart.

love shayari in english for lover


I will forget every pain,

that anyone is giving me,

I will show the world about,

how much I am loving you.


Give me pain how much pain you can,

I am taking that pain as love from you,

to see your happy face.

I forget all of my happiness,

to see happy you are my love.


Without my known, you fill my life with so much of pain,

From today our love is getting end forever,

but I will not make your fault for this.


I cannot explain how much I am loving you then my life,

on every dream and thinking about you,

I am spending my days.

Getting you with me I fill like I am at heaven.


When you are a distance from me,

I think only about you,

these lines I am writing for you,

with your love and affection light.


After getting so many pain,

now I have not a single capable to take it.

Try yourself to take a pain once,

you can get how much you gave me.


I am hurt, and a line of water is dropping every day.

One day you will fill it and realize,

that how much pain you gave me.


When I remind about you,

I forget the whole world,

in every face, I can see you,

think how much I missing you always.


On every night in my dream,

you come and ask me so much love,

but I feel shy and deny with sapphire.


In my thought, you are coming slowly,

without seeing you and feel like you are my everything,

and tell you so much in love.


When you lost in me,

then I hold you tightly and,

wet you in the love rain.


Before loving you I never feel that,

you will be my heart,

I gave my soul by the love from you,

with the best belief than my on you.


There was a wish that you will fill my life with flowers,

but you fill it only with a rose thorn.


There was no single love from you on me,

there was another in your mind and you made me fool.


Without knowing anything,

there was a lot of belief on you,

but those were wrong,

you fill sad and only sad in my life.

Love and romantic Shayari for your girlfriend, boyfriend. Wish them from here and make your love stronger

love shayari in english for girlfriend


I am your love but my words that are coming is you,

 And I am nothing without you, I feel complete when you are in me.


If you may the moon of the sky,

I am able to make the queen of the sky.

Everyone can see and want to nearer you but,

I am the only one can be in you.


When my eyes are in silent with a wet,

From that time the love on you begins rapidly.

I am just a deep thought about you and,

is it day or night I cannot see.


Love is the only thing in this world that do not need any permission from anyone,

It just needs the permission of two heart and mind with carrying.


Love is always there in between two minds and heart,

need to find that and just go deep and peaceful ride of love.


The time is very beautiful and happy

 when it is being started the talk about you and with you.


If you are in love,

do love in a smile and happy.

Never deceive anyone after making them yours.

keep them always in your heart,

never blame them that they left you.


Always there are some words form these air, wind, and clouds but,

I can hear them only at the time when you are with me.


There is always a try from me to pleasing your heart,

but one request from me that,

till your last breathing keep loving me.


At the time of night moon can see,

everybody can see the moon.

In love, if there is a tear is coming out,

it can be seen by all.


I ma being recognising by the mistakes done by my heart,

but now everyone is being recognising by the name of you.


To live a life,

a heart is required there.

No matter how much pain I am in,

there is always a will from me to see you happy and a smile on your face.


At the time of sad and alone,

if there is a smile on face,

it is also a love to hide all those.

love shayari in english


By living with you and spending time with you,

It is now becoming habitual for me.

By keeping the friendship with him,

now it has been turned into love.


With my known,

if there were a shop to buy happy,

I will buy every joy and happiness for you.


Someone asked me the meaning of doom,

I am just told you to get angry with him and scolding him.


Never go away from the mistakes made by us,

the love in between us is our life,

never forget that in our life.


I can never elaborate you for your love,

I cannot forget you throughout my life,

the smile on my lip is only you,

if you are not there with me,

I can not live without you.


You know I love you,

and it is the most of love than my life on you.


Just make a sleeping place for me on your arm,

after that give me pain and hurt me,

as much as you can.

shayari on love in english


The world has been changed,

but in the world, you are not changing,

the pain I was getting from you,

also, the pain is the same as you on me.


I wish to someone can able to know the value of my tears,

by leaving the tenacity of own,

I wish someone may accept me.


In my known if there were a shop to buy love and joy,

I wish to buy all these for you,

even I am in sad.


After seeing you,

water bottles looking like a hard drink,

and soft drinks becoming the source of the hangover.


There is no idea I have that I will alive

 but in that period of time,

I wish to live with you,

without wasting a single second.


When the moon gets light,

then what will stars do,

if I will love you,

then what will others do?


After you cheated on me in love,

There were clouds of sadness in my life,

When I thought to leave this,

then another one enters into my life.


When you are in front of me,

then I feel great with joy,

I wish when there will vermilion of a name,

on your forehead,

how much happy we both will be.


Without saying with your lips,

you told everything with your eyes,

At the time when you are with me,

you always steal me from me.


The sights of your eyes,

are the reason of my life to live.

Above 50 are the love Shayari in English for your lover, girlfriend, boyfriend. Wish them from these collections of love Shayari in English and enjoy your love life.


love shayari in hindi

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