Good night messages

good night messages
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The night is the time that needs everyone to wish and share some love through an SMS or through a goodnight message or goodnight wish. For you here are collections of good night messages. You can share these messages with your friends, girlfriend and your family members.

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Good night messages, wishes, SMS for friends, girlfriend, husband and for your family


Hope the day has gone very well and the coming one is also waiting for a good surprise. Happy sleep. good night


Hey you, I am saying you a great good night and sleep well


Sleep tightly and I am saying you tight good night with a lot of dreams


The dream will touch your mind on today’s sleep. So sleep hurry and from me a dreamful good night


Now I am just falling asleep and you come in mind, from me a deep good night


Sleep now, for which we can meet again in the morning


As night and days are passing, the love from me towards you is increasing. So keep sleep now to increase my love for tomorrow. Good night and take care


The last step of a day is here that is the night. Without saying you a good night the night cannot end well


Things are getting shorter and so I am telling you gd nt tc sd also in shorter


A dream is waiting for you tonight. Go see it and make that happen in real. A cheerful good night from me


Sun is missing you a lot. So take a sleep now to meet the sun again. Good night


There is a sweet dream on the moon tonight. Sleep now to get that dream. A good night with a dream


I have to meet you in the morning so that you have to take a sleep now. gd nt


To be together in the morning, you should asleep soon


During day time I am busy. So it may not possible to think about you. At night it is the right time so without saying you good night I cannot take a deep sleep


Without saying you good night sleep cannot take me over. So good night with dreams


Tomorrow is a crazy day is going to happen with you. So I am waiting to see you soon. Good night, sweet dreams


I am just thinking about you as I am going to bed now. Good night


From my heart with filled love and dreams saying a good night


You are there always in my heart and thought. In the night you are there in my dream. Good night, sweet dreams and take your care always


Hold your pillow tightly and make a good prayer. I am saying you good night  and sleep tight


To chasing dream take a deep sleep and chase them all over the night. There is a dreamful good night wish from me


To leave a happy life, need to wake up in the morning. For that need to sleep at night. So good night and be prepare o to enjoy your life again for tomorrow


Fasten your sleep tightly with bed and pillow as you are going to enter the city of dreams. Good luck and good night from me to enjoy dreams


The night is the time that can let you go all the anger and frustration that you made on that day. So take a deep sleep to keep refresh your mind. Good night

good night wishes
Good night wishes


Remind all of your work for tomorrow. To make all them in action take a good sleep. Good night


Leave the tensions today gave you. Sleep now and make a relax for tomorrow. gd nt sd


Light a candle to take a healthy sleep tonight. A healthy good night and enjoy your sleep


Just close your eyes and take a sleep. There are dreams waiting for you to welcome. A dreamful good night


You cannot share your sleep with me but I can share my good night message for you


Are you waiting for a good night message before going to bed, here is one and do not wait for more just go and sleep


There are many good night wishes you are receiving but all are useless except mine


Every night there is a good night wish or SMS for you from mine. Good night and a new amazing day is waiting for you


If today has gone bad do not worry, there is a tomorrow. To enjoy a new day need to welcome that day. So good night and sleep tight to welcome a happy day


Say a bye to the real world and enter the dream world. Good night

good night wishes and sms
Good night wishes and sms


If it is possible to go sleep and can enjoy the dream of yours then it will be fun. Good night


Whatever busy, I surely say you good night then I will take a peaceful sleep


Just leave your remote and mouse, now it is the time for hold pillow. Good night


Your thought is beautiful so your dreams are going to beautiful also. Go for sleep and enjoy your dreams. Good night


Here is good night from me full of love and blessings


There are a lot of mosquitoes are waiting for you with their music band to go and enjoy. Good night


Just keep your phone in silent then you can enjoy a silent and peaceful sleep. Good night and take care


This time is for an attraction of sleep towards you. It is being started so go to bed and sleep. Good night


The best good night wish is formed by me and I just said you gd nt


There is a kiss is waiting for you by your pillow. Just go and take it. Good night


The night is the time that you can dream about someone and can enjoy a dream at this time with sleep. Good night


I just want to disturb you to read my message as I have to say you good night and sweet dreams


Just for you, I am awakened yet to say you good night


May the bed says you many story those you have just done on that day but I have to say goodnight


With a virtual hug, I am saying you good night

good night messages for girlfriend

Messages for girlfriend


Without wishing goodnight to my sweetest thing sleep cannot cover me. So good night, take care and lovely dreams with love you


I have to watch many dreams today night only about you and, So goodnight and I am going to bed to watch you on my dreams


In the day time, you are with me always and in that night you are also with me in my dreams, love you and goodnight


Every day I spend most of the time with you and in the night I spend my time with you also by my dreams. Always love you and goodnight


I can’t wait for the morning to see you and talk with you. Love you and good night


I am not there now, so hold pillow tight and sleep tight. Good night


Go for a deep sleep as there is a secret dream is waiting for you and the dream is about us. Sleep now and enter the dream of love. Good night


Light a candle and play love with a romantic song, then take a sleep. That will feel you we are there close to each other. Good night


Stop reading others good night here is a gd nt from your love. Just read this and wish me back and go for sleep


I am not able to wait for the morning to meet you and make a lot of love gossips with you. Sleep fast and good night


I am not there with you. I am sending you kisses and hugs, take it and go for a relaxing sleep for which we can meet in the morning. Good night


I wish to kiss you and smooch you and pamper now but I am not there now. Good night baby and in your dream I will do all these


I wish that my good night message will give you deep sleep and dreams filled with love


I always angry with me that I am falling asleep quickly on all night and that cause is to meet with you in the morning. Good night


The night is the reason to miss each other so the real meeting will be filled with love. Good night


Take your blanket and go for deep sleep and in the dreams, there is a meeting with you


Without telling you good night I cannot take a peaceful sleep. Good night darling and love you


Let stars to sleep as after you they will go for sleep. Good night


Never feel alone, I am always there near you. In your heart, I am with you always. Good night and love you


Silently I am telling you to love you and good night


Just close your eyes and see with your inner eye that I am in front of you. Telling you good night with a tight hug


Don’t feel sad we are going to meet each other in the morning. Good night and love you


The night is silent cause to love silently to the person you love the most. Good night


Look at the sky there are stars waiting for you to say you good night


Go for a calm sleep with the cool light spreading by the moon. There are many dreams are waiting for you about us. Good night

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