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First anniversary wishes and quotes

first anniversary wishes and quotes
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The day on an anniversary day is a memorable and most lovable day for couples. If the day of the anniversary is a first anniversary day then it is the happiest and enjoyable day for the new couples. On this first anniversary day, everyone wants to wish the new couples. The blessings couples need from friends, family members and other persons from whom they use to spend times with them. Here are some first anniversary wishes and quotes to wishing the couples on their first anniversary.

Best collections of anniversary quotes.

Wish couples on their first anniversary with some wishes, messages and if possible send an image with the messages. You can share it on Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp or anywhere you want.

Here are the best collections of first anniversary wishes and quotes

1-  Today is the day for remembering it whole life and the love, happy, wishes and joy was filled with the day. That all those will be with you forever and ever. On this your first anniversary wishing the best of love and blessings.

2- Today is the day that, before one year on this day there was much commitment. Celebrating this day to recall and staying happy filled with love always throughout life.

3- On this anniversary day, before one-year things became more romantic and the days form this day became filled with loving and joyful. To find this love with romantic moments. Remembering those on this anniversary day.

4- On this marriage day you both were holding each hand to live a happy and supporting life forever. From that day way to see the whole world and staying was being changed.

5- Living life with a new aim with happiness and love, was being started form this day before one year. remembering that first day of a new life on this first anniversary day.

6- The love and affection were started on this day between you both. Remembering that happening of life on this day. Keep filling that much of love always and keep the promise on this first anniversary day.

7- The distance between both of you was being reduced on this day and you both meet each other and made the promise to live a happy, joy, love life forever. All this happened on this anniversary day and keep that promise on your first anniversary day.

8- After becoming couple husband and wife need to celebrate the day on which they became husband and wife and that day is the first anniversary day.

9- The day to share and enjoy the silence love to be started is the anniversary day. To keep the silence forever make a promise on this day.

10- This day the first anniversary, is the day of every couple is filled with a key to starting a new life. Keep reminding the day of the starting.


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