breakup shayari

breakup shayari
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Breakup Shayari, it is a Shayari that need in everyone’s life in the form of message, SMS, or images. It is now in common that every person is facing this situation in his/her life.

Here are collections of ” breakup Shayari in English” for those who need this. You can use it as a message or as an SMS.

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Best collections of breakup Shayari in English for your boyfriend, girlfriend


There is always a situation in love, that gives only tears, pain, sleepless night, stress, and what you cannot imagine it happens in a breakup story.


In a breakup situation, there is always the thoughts which are in your mind and heart comes out on your tongue.


Breakup is a part of life that gives every person pain, sadness, and a sleepless night.


You should always learn from others break up and apply on your story for not facing in the future.


A breakup in your life always teaches you that, how to and in which way life can happen?


You broke my heart. Give me your love in lend. With that lend love, I will live till my last breath.


I always tried my best to forget you but when I stand alone in front of a mirror it all speaks back of old memories. Breakup hurts a lot.


How long you may try your best to hide your breakup pain but in front of a mirror it says all.


As I am not yours now after our breakup, but do me a favor that makes me back as I was before meeting you.


I want to as unknown as I was before for you. Please fulfill my wish.

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Here is been already break up but in the future time is coming to identify me on a road or a bus.


I hope we will never meet again in the future but it may have happened in coincidence.


Mind says do not again fall in love but the heart is still missing you.


Breakup gives you experience with love. It can help in the future or for someone.


It is getting very difficult for explaining yourself after a breakup.


It may be easier to forget someone but it takes a long time to make that person your own.


Before leaving someone take place of that person and think what will happen after your breakup.


I am your life, you were saying before but now I am unfaith and unknown to you.


How time can change everything, the breakup is the best example. In a breakup, time changes a person.


It was a time that you were saying that you are the reason for living life but now I am a punishment for you.


In a breakup, reason turns into punishment.


I am trying my best to forget you, but now I am realizing without you I am nothing.


How many times I am trying to keep away your face from my eye but every time it is feeling like you are on my front.


When I am trying to forget you and will not think about you, my heart always says you cannot do this. And also this is happening to me.


As you were there always in my heart so now I am facing a severe pain to keeping out you from my heart. Breakup gives a lot of pain.


A breakup gives a lot of pain than a big wound.


In love life, all are not bad and you need to examine the heart before falling in love. But love is blind it cannot see the bad heart.


There is always a bad heart person never get a breakup in his/her life but a good heart one always get it.


I am accepting your breakup but you are leaving a good heart with filled with love and care for you.

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In love, there are always two parts one is love and one is a breakup. From these two I got breakup.


Before death, there is also a death, and that is break up from your loved one.


Now life is placed me at such a position that, it is feeling like I am living but without me.


I loved you at that time when there was nothing with you but, you are leaving me when I have only you without anything.


I loved you unknowingly but, now I am unknown for you.


When distance takes over on a relationship, at that time misunderstanding takes its place.

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